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The Short Term Courses (C and C++) have been designed to cater to individual requirement, the student can according to his requirement choose from among the below mentioned courses singly or in a combination. The curriculum has been specially designed as per the industry requirement. The courses give the students an initial exposure to programming and the experienced to further sharpen & apply the acquired skills as per industry requirements and standards.

C Language C++ Language
- Introduction to C Language
- Operators (Binary, Unary, Logical, and Arthimetic)
- Input/Output Functions
- Decision Control Structures
- Looping Control Structures
- Arrays (One and Two Dimensional)
- Pointers
- Preprocessor Directives
- Introduction to Recursion, Functions
- Structures and Unions
- Pointers to Structures
- File Handling
- Project
- Introduction to C++
- Arrays, Pointers, and Functions 
- Classes and Objects
- Inheritance
- Polymorphism
- Dynamic Polymorphism
- File Handling
- Project