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Embedded Projects
Embedded Systems - Any electronic system that uses any type of a processing device (Microprocessor / Microcontroller), running a program and is used for any purpose other than general purpose computing.
This is one of the many possible definitions of Embedded systems. As can be made out from the definition that embedded systems projects can include a majority of all possible projects.
Embedded Systems Projects is perhaps the biggest single category of projects, especially with respect to graduation students. They are also the most popular category among the students for various reasons. Among the many reasons for choosing projects based on embedded systems the most practical are reasons like; ease of demonstration, cost effective, easy to understand and explain etc. Also among the various other options embedded systems is the field where graduation students already have a decent exposure to in their college curriculum
Embedded Projects also offer the best interface possibilities for connecting sensors, various input and output devices, and various communications options. Because of all these reasons they are the best choice for making projects, that require connections to various other devices. For all these reasons embedded systems projects are among the most recommended projects at Ensemble Technologies.
Embedded system project ideas can range from fairly simple concepts to relatively complicated projects too. Also with embedded projects there are many options in terms of the nature and size of the processor and controller, at Ensemble we work with various controller like PIC 16/18, ARM, Coldfire, AVR and many other controllers to suit the particular requirements of the projects. If the projects idea require more processing capabilities we recommend either the ARM or the Coldfire controllers. If the project requires extensive interfacing and less processing then we recommend the PIC or the AVR.
Project List:
1. Obstancle Detecting Robot
2. LPG/CNG gas leak detector and controller.
3. Programmable Security Door Lock System.
4. RFID based security system.
5. Solar based lanterns for rural areas.
6. Solar based Street Light System.
7. Intelligent Street lighting system.
8. Intelligent Traffic Light Controller.
9. Automatic plant irrigator.
10. Solar based agricultural automation.
11. Full featured Batch Processing Unit.
12. Automatic water sprinkler system.
13. Advance electricity distribution system.
14. Pre-paid energy system.
15. Moving Message displays.
16. Spinning LED Display.
17. Automatic rail gate control & Track switching system.
18. Automated CAR Parking system.
19. Color sensor and automatic sampling of goods
20. Micro controller based boiler management system.
21. Energy saving system using PC.
22. DTMF telephone line based device control.
23. Canteen Automation